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Flagging Policy

Flagging Policies   
We work to provide a safe and fair environment for the Audiogon community and to ensure all members enjoy the most positive experience possible. This is based on three main goals: to protect the privacy of our members, to prevent circumvention of the site and to promote professionalism for all parties involved in the transaction. Therefore, we have created rules and policies that are intended to help guide new and experienced users through the listing and bidding processes.

Flags will be issued for violating our terms of use or listing guidelines:

Red Flag 1:  Warning, no further action required. 
Red Flag 2:  Account is restricted to Premium Listings. Final warning before account suspension.
Red Flag 3:  Your account will be suspended.

Here are some important rules to live by throughout your use of the site:

All due transaction fees must be paid to Audiogon.  

Soliciting offsite transactions or completing transactions offsite is against our terms and conditions.  If it is found that a transaction has been completed offsite, the due transaction fees will be assessed to the seller and due immediately. 

All communication must be facilitated directly through Audiogon until AFTER an offer has been marked accepted in the Audiogon system for BASIC listings.
Contact information is not to be posted at any time, regardless of who it belongs to. This includes phone/fax numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, website URLs, social networking sites, etc. This also means that you cannot direct other members off the site by asking them to search for you through search engines, social networking sites or any outside references you may have. This information can be exchanged once a bid/offer is formally accepted.
It is a violation of policy to suggest or demand that another member complete a transaction or discuss the terms of a transaction outside of the Audiogon system.  The Audiogon communication was built with the intention of creating the best experience possible for all users, and a record of your transaction and negotiations is required for Audiogon to provide assistance with transactions, and for your listing to qualify for our Dispute Resolution process.

Act professionally and use common sense
Audiogon is a business site; all members are responsible for maintaining a professional and cordial demeanor on and off the site including our forums. We will not tolerate the use of hostile, offensive, profane or vulgar language. Members are also held responsible for following all applicable laws.

All content you post must be your own
Anything you post in your profile, in a listing, or within offer details must be original and created by YOU.

All listings must follow the listing guidelines.
For Basic Listings: You may not include contact information of any kind.  You may ONLY use paypal as the form of payment, you cannot offer other payment options in the listing description.
All listings: You may only list one item or one set for sale. Multiple items and multiple sets are not allowed.


All Audiogon members are expected to conduct themselves in an honest and civil manner.  Members are allowed to contact each other through our site, and agree to communicate in a mature and polite manner. has the option to terminate memberships in cases of obvious abuse, and we will do so.  Persons who do not wish to follow our rules and guidelines are not welcome here.  If you are a high end audio enthusiast who would like to participate in a well moderated forum, then we welcome you! 

To review all of our terms of use click here.

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