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Auction Basics

How do I start an auction?

How do I close my auction early?

How do I delete a duplicate auction?

How long do auctions last?

How do I start an auction?

You must first register a username and password before you can list auctions. After you have registered, follow the link "Sell" on our home then click on the "Auction" link. You can access that link directly here.
The above form will require some specific information about your item, specific pricing information, and how long the auction will run. You may choose from three to fourteen (3-14) days for the duration of an auction. The more exotic the item, the longer you should run it. 

Remember that you must list only ONE item per ad. Doing this will insure that you will receive better search results as well as placement in the proper category. 

How do I close my auction early?

If your auction does not yet have any bids placed, then you may "Cancel" that auction through your Dashboard. Once logged in, find your Selling page, and click on the actions menu for the auction in question. One of the options you will see is to Remove Listing.  You may also Edit the auction if there are no bids yet.

If your auction has received some bids, but you still need to close it early, then you should add an Amendment (by choosing edit on the Actions menu) to your auction, explaining why you need to close it. Your added comments will appear within your auction listing, so that interested bidders will know what happened.

If your auction has received bids but your reserve price has not been met, then you can add an Amendment to your auction to close it early.

However, if the high bid on your auction has met reserve, then you will need to communicate with the high bidder directly, and try to reach an amicable understanding. You should keep in mind that if a high bidder has met your reserve price, yet you are unwilling or unable to sell to him, then he may choose to leave negative or neutral feedback regarding your actions. 

In summary, if your auction has met your reserve, then we strongly recommend that you let it continue to it's pre-scheduled close. The high bidder has an expectation to purchase your item, and other bidders may be waiting until the last few minutes of the auction. If your auction has NOT met reserve, or there are no bids, then you may cancel or close it early.

You may access all of these options through your Dashboard. Each auction will present all available options, depending on whether there are bids or not.

How do I delete a duplicate auction?

If an auction has been posted twice by mistake, you may cancel the duplicate(s) through Dashboard, which has a link on our home page towards the right. Once logged into Dashboard, look under Selling for a link titled "Selling". This link will display all of your auctions listings, and clicking on one of them will give you all of the available options.

If your auction does not yet have any bids, you may cancel immediately.

How long do auctions last?

When listing an Auction, you may choose a duration from 3-14 days. The more exotic the item, the longer the duration you should choose. Generally speaking, seven days is a good length for auctions, as it covers an entire weekly cycle, and provides bidders with enough time to do their research.

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