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At this time, while our "Wanteds"  are in transition, We ask that you create a standard listing, and include "Wanted:" before the remainder of your title. 
Choose "Wanted" as your category and "Equipment" as your subcategory.  We realize that some fields are specific to selling equipment, please fill out all required fields as what you are willing to do as a buyer.
Rate the condition as what you would be satisfied with, IE the minimum quality acceptable to you. Your asking price should be what you are willing to pay. Choose "They can only make offers" so that sellers can offer you a purchase price. For "How will you accept payment?" please check all methods that you are willing to pay via. The zip code you are shipping from should be your zip code. Check all shipping carriers you are willing to receive from, and  choose shipping paid by buyer if you are willing to pay shipping.
New listing creation is available "here":


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