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An Audiogon Buyer's Checklist

Whether you’re new to buying items online or an old pro, here are some tips to ensure a smooth buying experience on Audiogon.


Searching For an Item

Use the Intelligent Search feature to quickly narrow down your prospects. Take advantage of Search by Zip Code radius to keep shipping costs down Decide if you want a Classified item (where you may be able to Buy It Now or make an offer) or an Auction item (where you’ll bid on the item) Be aware of your budget.


Now That You’ve Found an Item

Read the Item Description carefully. Check the condition and take note of any unique claims about the item. Be sure you understand details about shipping options and payment methods. Read the Seller’s Feedback by clicking on the Seller’s username near the top right of the item page.

Do your research about the item. Review other sources, like Audiogon’s Bluebook service, the only Audio Bluebook in the industry, to assist you in determining pricing. Search the Audiogon Discussion Forum for any threads related to your item.

Use the “Ask the Seller a Question” feature at the bottom of the listing to contact the seller directly with any questions you may still have.


Are You Ready To Buy?

In an Auction, click on the green “Place Bid” button on the listing. The next page will display the current bid. Enter your bid. This can either be the minimum required to outbid the current bidder, or to engage in "proxy" bidding, you can enter the maximum dollar amount you wish to spend . To learn more about proxy bidding, please view our support document. Proxy bidding is a system by which Audiogon automatically increases your bid in increments of based on the current maximum bid, until you've reached the maximum you chose. This improves your chances of winning the auction. Your maximum bid will remain secret throughout the process.

For a Classified listing with a "Buy It Now" button, you agree to pay the Seller’s asking price without any negotiation when clicking on Buy It Now. The listing will be removed from general view immediately and your transaction will begin. Failure to comply with the Seller’s terms may impact your Feedback rating, and will institute a buyer backout fee of $19, so be certain that you want to take this action. For Classified listings with a “Make Offer” button, you will have the opportunity to negotiate the sale price with the Seller. When you click on that button, enter your offer amount and include any notes for the Seller in the box provided. The Seller will then accept or counter your offer. Please note that all offers expire 48 hours after placing them should no action be taken by the Seller.


Proceeding with the Transaction and Feedback

Congrats! You’re on your way to owning a new piece of equipment or music! Audiogon recommends that the Buyer and Upon your offer being accepted the seller will be provided with your contact information to make finalizing the details as easy as possible.  Be sure to ask that the Seller confirms receipt of your payment and keep you updated with shipping information.

Advise the Seller when you’ve received the item and if it arrived in the expected condition. Close the transaction by leaving Feedback for your Seller. The Seller should also leave Feedback for you regarding his experience.

Your safety is of highest importance to Audiogon and we try to review listings to ensure their veracity, but there are steps you can take to prevent online fraud. Firstly, remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. You can review Audiogon’s Online Safety Tips here.

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