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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 amended U.S. copyright law in order to allow online service providers, such as, to limit their liability for information residing at the direction of a user on a system or network that the service provider controls., in providing web servers, network bandwidth, storage, and public posting areas such as forsale listings and discussion forums, is a service provider within the meaning of DMCA. Any person who submits content to any of's web servers is a user. claims the limited liability afforded by DMCA, and provides the following information. 


As required by DMCA, has designated an agent authorized to receive claims of copyright infringement, initiate takedown, receive counter-claims, and initiate restoration as appropriate. has registered this agent with the U.S. Copyright Office and advertises the existence of the agent within our contact information. 


All claims of copyright infringement should be forwarded to the DMCA Agent in writing, and should contain specific information identifying the infringement (link to the specific page, or item number) and other information required by DMCA. You may also contact the agent via the email address provided below. Because of spam, email is not as reliable a method of communication as postal mail, and if you don't receive a response to your email within 48 hours please use the address below, which is the address on file with the U.S. Copyright Office. 


Upon receiving your claim, the agent will investigate the claim and take appropriate action. The Agent also will receive counter-claims from users whose postings have been alleged to be infringing. 



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