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Buyer Safety and Common FAQ's

How do I know to trust a Seller?
What guarantees do I have?
What if an item is damaged in shipping?
What if an item is not as the seller described?
What if a seller does not send promised shipment?
When can an item be returned?


How do I know to trust a Seller?

All transactions consummated via Audiogon are solely between the buyer and the seller. Audiogon is purely a listing venue that offers a variety of tools for its users to meet and conduct transactions. Amongts these tools are some important methods to reduce the risks involved.


Audiogon recommends that all parties exchange feedback after each transaction. This provides a history of a member's transactions, and lets you contact other members who have transacted with that person. A member's feedback may be viewed from within any of their listings.

Buyer Beware

As with all online marketplaces, some sellers will not be legitimate. Audiogon has measures in place to help prevent this, however you should still be cautious of sellers who price items far below market value, who do not respond in a timely manner, or whose names do not match the name referred to in feedback. These are signs that the seller may not be legitimate. If you are suspicious of a particular seller, please notify support with a link to the listing, or the seller's username, and the reason for your suspicion. To help prevent fraud, please keep communications on the Audiogon system and not in private email. Be cautious of sellers who require bank transfer to international banks as the only available payment method.

What Guarantees do I have?

Audiogon does not and cannot guarantee the actions or integrity of its users. All transactions consummated via Audiogon are solely between the buyer and seller. Audiogon is purely a listing venue that offers tools for its users to meet and conduct transactions. You may reduce your chances of problems by taking these precautions:

  • Check the other member's feedback history

  • Always speak over the phone before finalizing a deal

  • Ask all relevant questions via phone to eliminate email vagueness

  • Research the seller

Additional questions to ask if applicable:

  • Is the warranty transferrable?

  • Does the unit have the correct voltage for my country?

  • If not, can the unit be converted? If so, where can this be done?


What if an item is damaged in shipping?

If an item is damaged in shipping, you should contact the seller immediately so that a Damage Claim is filed. The responsibility of pursuing a Damage Claim is solely with the seller, however, you will need to cooperate with the seller and the shipping company in any manner requested. Often, the shipping company will come back to pick it up, or inspect the package in your home.

  • Keep all of the packing materials exactly as you received it.

  • Do not attempt to use the item or plug it in, which may result in further damage.

  • Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the item unless the seller first agrees.

  • Take photos of the item and the packing materials as soon as possible.

If a seller and a buyer cannot agree on a course of action to follow, a Dispute may be filed through

What if an item is not as the seller described?

If an item is not as described, or all items are not included in the package as promised, you should contact the Seller immediately. Put into writing exactly what is wrong or missing with the item, versus what the Seller has describe din his ad. After an email is sent, you should attempt to reach the seller by phone. Communicating about problems by voice vs email is a much more effective means to eliminating misunderstandings and coming to  a resolution.

If you are unable to reach an agreement you may consider leaving Neutral or Negative feedback for that member. If you are seriously concerned about the issue, in lieu of leaving feedback, you should file a Dispute with Audiogon. It is a somewhat formalized process which allows a neutral evaluation of the problem. 

What if the seller does not send promised shipment?

Audiogon recommends that both parties stay in constant communication during any agreed upon transaction. If the payment terms are "Buyer prepays", then the Seller should ship the item within 7 days of having received payment, and provide the shipment tracking number. 

If you do not receive a tracking number within 10 days after confirmation of receipt of your payment, then you may consider filing a "Dispute" with Audiogon. You should first try to contact the seller via telephone as well as email. If the Seller is not responding, or you are not confident in the Seller's responses, you may consider contacting law enforcement agencies as well.

PLEASE NOTE: the time periods described above are for domestic transactions where both parties are in the same country. Also, there may be special circumstances that delay a transaction, but both parties should be communicating about the situation. It is vital that you try to message as well as call the other party, before assuming the worst.

When can an item be returned?

If the item was damaged during shipment or if the item arrived not in the condition as described in listing, the buyer has the right to return the item at the seller expense for a full refund.  We do recommend you try to contact the seller to work things out but if not please file a dispute so we can further assist you.

The only other reason you can return an item is if the seller allows returns within a certain time period.  Each seller has a return policy on their listings.  If the seller accepts the return, the return shipping would be at the buyers expense


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