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  • Tony Kirchner

    I tried to join "Audiogon Insider" but the red line showed "Your zip code failed verification." WTF? I have been a member almost since you started the site. How do I update my profile, as we moved recently after 31 years at the last address. I haven't updated my profile info, or credit card info, for many years.

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  • Robert L Prieto

    Can customers pay through PayPal even if i dont have a PayPal

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  • Gerry Meeks

    I just joined and I cannot find the listing of equipment for sale. I tried "searching' and that didnt work.

    This is a very complicated site. Difficult to navigate around and not intuitive at all. I read the instructions.

    Can you simply tell me how to get to the auctions and listings?

    I tried, for instance, to search for McIntosh preamps, and there were no results.

    I tried to search for McIntosh Amps, again no results.

    This is an audio site, but nothing listed for McIntosh? I don't believe it.

    I am on Audio Karma many times a day, and I thought i would try Audiogon, but this is too difficult to figure out. Why?

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